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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 6  NBC  September 3, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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killed. >> nicole young spoke publically for the first time today. see talked about the phone call she got from her husband just moments after he was shot, and the first thing she'll tell him when he finally wakes up. we learned today about some of the heroic efforts made to save officer young's life. nbc bay area's garvin thomas was in the room for a very emotional news conference today. garvin. >> reporter: first and most important is what doctors are saying about officer young's condition. they say he is still heavily sedated and has not been awake since last friday. he has one more operation to undergo. his chances for full recovery are good. as for what his wife had to say, we thought it best you hear it in her own words. >> i just want to thank everybody in the community and across the nation that has sent our well wishes to todd and myself, our children and todd's
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family. many times, unfortunately, officers get a bad name and they don't deserve that. they are truly heroes. i'm very proud of my husband for what he does. i had just gotten home from pecking up the kids from school. todd actually called me. he called me and said he was at highland hospital and he was okay, he just got hit in the leg. so i threw the kids in the car and came up here. i was told he wouldn't let them put him to sleep until he called his wife. i was told on friday it wasn't looking good and they didn't think he was going to make it off the operating table. my whole life turned upside down
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from that one moment. the doctor is my miracle worker right now. he and the trauma staff. they saved my husband's life. i will forever be grateful to them. i talked to him, but he's sedated. i talk to him every day, all day. >> when he's conscious, what is the first thing you'll say to him? >> that i love him and want to bring him home to our kids. they miss him. they know daddy was shot in the leg. and he is sleeping so he can get better and come home. that's all they know. that's all they need to know. and he is strong. he is very strong.
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we have a long life ahead of us. >> we learned in today's news conference more of the effort that went into saving his life. one doctor said five times the amount of blood the average human body holds is what they needed to use in this operation. more than highland hospital has. things were frontic for a while. at one point the red cross had to put blood in a taxi and send it to the hospital to make sure they had enough. >> you can see the enormous stress of this past week in her face. >> absent lewolutely. >> garvin, thanks. we are following developing news as a raging fire is tearing through a large home in pleasant hill in contra costa county. flames broke out about an hour
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ago seen first near the garage in the front of the house. soon after, firefighters were spotted on the roof breaking through it with tools. no word on whether anyone was inside the home when the fire started. we'll have more information on it as we get it. some bizarre claims tonight from the man who may hold the key to an east bay killing spree. the man who lives at the house where two of the victims were found made his first court appearance today. meanwhile, in pittsburgh, police spent the day combing through a land fill looking for the body of frederick solass who has been missing more than a week. nbc bay area's dodi hernandez is live in fairfield where a person in this case is making interesting claims. >> reporter: charles rittenhouse
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pleaded not guilty today. she suggested someone else may have planted the bodies in her home shortly before the arrest. >> he's 72 years old, has no prior record. >> reporter: charles' attorney says her client is an innocent man. investigators pulled boxes of chemicals that could be used to make explosives from his vallejo home and found the bodies of his wife and wife's friend there. defense attorney lesley prince says he's harmless. >> no motive to commit these murders. i don't think he's done anything wrong. i think he is a victim in this case. >> reporter: prince thinks someone else planted the women's bodies at the home, while the career chemist was at work. >> he had been there the night before. on tuesday he went to work. i can tell you there were no bodies in the house monday night. >> reporter: prince says it's
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efram valdamaro they should be focusing on, they chased him after he killed his girlfriend and a hercules man. rittenhouse hand his wife had been harassing them for years. >> my client's wife had not wanted him to live there anymore. i don't know. i don't think we are dealing with someone who was well mental healthwise. >> reporter: police are sear searching a landfill. police decided to search the dump after finding the car belonging to one of the dead women. >> the area they are searching came from the north shore business park, which was where the cadillac escalade was discovered. >> reporter: while police try to sort the case out, the attorney says her client didn't kill anyone and people shouldn't jump to conclusions. >> i don't think you can make assumptions how someone reacts
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to something like that. i think people react differently. not everyone is going to burst out crying when they hear that news. >> reporter: now he remains in jail tonight. bail has been set at $2 million. he'll be back in court next week. live in fairfield, jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, jodi. stau with nbc bay area news for continuing coverage on this story. you can go to our website at nbc bay for around the clock coverage. new tonight at 6:00, a coroner is trying to identify the remains of a body found in the marin headlands. a kayaker saw a skull below battery spencer in the golden gate national recreation area. that was on monday. that's the cliff where many tourists take pictures of the city and the golden gate bridge. rangers found the skull along with several other bones, clothing and a necklace. the belongings did not provide
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clues about the gender of the remains, apparently. livermore police are looking for aeenager who assaulted an 89-year-old woman this week. the assault happened tuesday where where the arrojo bike trail crosses the road. the woman told police the boy introduced himself and walked with her for a while before he suggested he show her something off the trail. that's when the boy hit her on the head with an object repeatedly. the boy is believed to be about 13 years old. he told the woman his name was cameron and he was in the seventh grade. crews in redwood city are in the middle of a delicate and tedious process tonight. they are trying to pull this plane out of a lagoon. the plane crashed yesterday killing the pilot and its passenger. >> reporter: a lot happened in the last few minutes. the plane is just being pulled out by the crane right now. in fact, the police have tried
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to shield that viewing because they want privacy for the family to prevent any additional pain for the man who was in the plane as well as his pilot. divers, salvage crew along with police, fire and rescue have been working since this morning to bring the small plane to the what you're surface. >> placing floatation devices on the fuselage of the plane to raise it up so it's floating now. the next step is that they will tow it over to the boat ramp on the other side of the lagoon. >> reporter: the plane carrying three people crashed into the redwood lagoon surrounded by office buildings and homes yesterday at lunchtime. >> it was already on its side with wings vertical to the ground. it continued to bank and nose over and hit the water nose first. >> reporter: seth reed was out on the balcony talking on his phone. he heard the plane coming and said it was louder than normal. >> it's sad people died because of it.
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that is a sober thought, especially to see it at the last minute. when i think of the families. >> reporter: the pilot and local businessman bob borman are still inside the plane. until 4:30 remained submerged. to figure out the cause of the crash, ntsb and the faa will conduct an investigation of the plane. the plane is just about out of the water. the faa will take viewership of what is going on inside to help with investigation as to the cause of what happened. the plane will go to sacramento where the ntsb and faa will try to put the pieces together to find out what happened here. crews will be out here the next couple of hours shielding the plane from bystanders. there are at least 100 people out here. everyone wants to know what happened. >> thanks, ria. it wasn't your typical traffic mess on 101.
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a crop dusting chopper landed upside down on the freeway this morning. the pilot walked away from the crash that nearly hit cars on the road. investigators say the 62-year-old pilot frank gomes told them he became disoriented after taking off in the fog. >> he said this helicopter just fell from the sky in front of him. he was able to avoid it by about five feet. very close call. certainly if a big rig crashed into this helicopter it would have been a whole other ballgame. >> the sheriff's office and faa are investigating. the faa will examine the wreckage for mechanical problems. still ahead at 6:00 tonight, his story captivated the nation and now it's on the big screen. the pat tillman documentary debuts in his hometown. >> just about every office has one. they are not inviting. the study of the office fridge that may make you think twice about using it.
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>> in the market for a used car? why you may be shocked at prices right now. and the big change for the holidays in san francisco that could prove expensive for drivers. i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri. we are kicking off sonoma one country weekend.
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it's been the standard in most cities across the country for decades. on holidays, drivers don't have to feed the meter. that has changed in san francisco. nbc bay area traci grant is live
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there with a warning for labor day drivers. >> reporter: well, cheryl, you should pay attention to this because i know you're no stranger to parking tickets. nothing feels as good as nabbing that great parking space on a street in san francisco and adding it's a holiday and you know you won't have to deal with pay stations or parking meters because you're parking for free. well, you were. that's not the case in san francisco anymore. a lot of people are learning that the hard way. on monday labor day, a holiday, would you think you had to pay the meter or not? >> not. >> reporter: some people looked at us like we were crazy when we asked them this question. will you feed the meter or no? >> no. it's labor day. >> reporter: your i going to get a ticket. >> we are?
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that's crazy. >> reporter: it's the law in san francisco. a holiday on the calendar is no longer a holiday from lugging around quarters for the meter. with the exception of thanksgiving, christmas and new year's day, you have to pay for that south-after parking space or risk getting a ticket for as much as $65. you can probably guess why. >> tight budget situation. every dollar matters. we want to make sure we can provide the services we always provided. >> reporter: san francisco municipal transportation authority spokesman says making extra money off the meters, especially the parking tickets, means less cuts that impact the public. rhodes says they changed the rules two years ago. everyone we spoke to was shocked. you didn't know? >> no, i didn't. i've been here for years. i'm misinformed. >> reporter: misinformed? some drivers are accusing muny
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of deliberately withhelding. some realizing getting tickets on a holiday are unpleasant. they said it was trying to keep up with the port of san francisco whose relatively new meters around the city are enforced 365 days a year from 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. >> it's too bad. it should be a free day. >> reporter: this is the pay station for the port of san francisco's parking meters. a lot of drivers said they haven't figured out how to use them yet. the port never followed up on its promise to talk to us about their parking policies. sfmta did. they are urging drivers to use their website. drivers say a little signage telling them they have to pay on a holiday could make a big difference. live in san francisco, traci
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grant, nbc bay area news. >> nothing is free in san francisco. thank you. americans are traveling quite a bit more this labor day weekend. aaa estimates 10% more people will drive at least 50 miles over the holiday. for the first time in three years, airlines are actually scheduling more flights instead of scheduling the same or fewer. travelers we caught up with at san jose's airport say while holiday flights might be a hassle, they are worth it. >> inconvenienced. >> it is tough with the kids. on a three-day it's so much easier because we have more time to travel. that's why we go. >> the credit for the travel spike goes to low gas prices and more people unwilling to wait for plane ticket prices to drop. we have a live look at trsk on interstate 880. the get away started early this afternoon. things moving along okay in the northward direction.
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let me catch up here. southbound lanes were full. let's look at the golden gates bridge. we can see the fog is there, but traffic is moving fairly well. right here is 80 at crystal springs up in the sierra. things moving along just fine in both directions tonight. not a bad getaway night. >> it sounds like we do know jeff ranieri is already at his destination. >> one of the prettiest places we've seen in a long time. sonoma county for the wine country weekend. you picked a good one. >> reporter: we did. we were at pebble beach and it was magnificent there. this may top it. the sun is out. no sign of fog. reare here at landmark vineyards over 20 acres of grapes. this is one of many wineries you can come to this weekend with the sonoma wine country weekend happening. it started today, also for saturday and sunday.
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landmark is here in kenwood in the heart of sonoma. we talked about this cool dessert. we've got two cool people with us right now. you most recently worked with tyler florence. >> yes. >> this is your family winery, correct? >> that is correct. >> reporter: you are a couple. do you always bake together? >> oh, yeah. >> reporter: let's get to this. what are we making here? >> we are doing a cobbler today. we are going to use our sarah. we'll sake flower, sugar and mix all that. we melted our eggs and butter together. this is going to make a quick and easy batter. >> reporter: very simple. we'll add as much sugar as you like. >> reporter: we are adding the
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wine here to this. we'll stir this up and you've got the batter there. >> we are going to pour some of that syrup, the wine and sugar. >> reporter: we'll just get a little peak at what we are expecting. basically we've got fog coming back as we head throughout tonight. a warm weekend with plenty of 80s here throughout wine country. then we'll see more cooling as we head into the end of next week with temperatures dropping back down. for sonoma wine country weekend if you're headed out here for labor day, the weather is going to play out for us. you've taken that batter. was the eggs and butter and flour. you put it on top of the raspberries. i added in the wine. >> we are going to show you later when it's all done. >> reporter: fantastic. this looks delicious. we'll eat it later on. michael and liz, thanks a lot. we'll see you later on.
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we'll eat this and see if we get any back to the studio. i i'm not coming back till tuesday. >> what a perfect night. >> reporter: i'll eat your helping for you. >> thank you very much. > still ahead at 6:00, new numbers on unemployment. the president is promising help. >> why the military isve ial po de.vimega oa contrsveial video game. [ female announcer ] we know jerry brown was mayor of oakland,
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now it does 1 ghz speed on a more intuitive keyboard. turning you into an instrument of efficiency. introducing the new droid 2 by motorola. part of the next generation of does.
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u.s. troops are going to have a tough time getting their hands on the newest version of "medal of honor." the game will not be sold at local base exchanges. medal of honor allows players to take the side of taliban insurgents and kill u.s. troops. the pentagon says the decision was made out of respect for those who serve. older cars, higher prices suddenly. the average cost of a used car has jumped by more than 10% or about $1,800 since last year at this time. our nbc los angeles station reports on why we are paying more for less. >> reporter: sorting through the
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sticker shock of the used car lot, according to the automotive website,, while cheaper than new cars, used cars are selling at their highest price in seven years. something john and tanya are quickly learning. >> a little higher than i expected. i was hoping to stay under the $20,000 range for a used car. it looks like we are probably going to be around the $22,000 to $ 25,000 range. >> it seems that a lot of the used cars are more expensive than they have been in the past. >> the reason for the used car price fight is simple. >> what we are seeing today is a shortage of vehicles. mostly from the fact of the last three years have been a down turn in new car sales. >> let me take you back when gas prices were sky high.
6:27 pm
if you were trading in an suv you were going to get below market value. suvs rebounded, one of the strongest used cars out there the question for labor day weekend auto buyers, new or used, especially if used is not as inexpensive as years past. >> we have some used cars as low as 1.9%. our certified used cars amongst many of the manufacturers are extremely attractive. even though the values may be higher than some people may expect, the financing savings offsets that. >> here is another factor. car legalers say the struggling economy causes more drivers to buy their cars after their leases expire. that means even fewer cars in the used car market. still ahead tonight at 6:00, a warning for the millions of americans taking osteoporosis drugs. is there a problem with the pills. >> another big move by the family at the center of that balloon hoax. amazing pictures out of new
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zealand after a power earthquake. newand the president makes a isun oyemplment needay's new unemployment numbers. rs
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less than promising economic news has the president making promises tonight. while the economy added more private sector jobs than expected, the unemployment rate edged up to 9.6%.
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in california, the unemployment rate remains at 12.3%. the white house says it can help. the good news going into this labor day holiday, private employers added 67,000 new jobs in august, making a double-dip recession less likely. the bad news? unemployment went up anyway, showing once again the economy isn't going anywhere fast. >> jobs are being created. they are just not being created as fast as they need to. >> reporter: no private employers added jobs. more than 10,000 temporary census workers were laid off. ironically as the economic picture improves, more of the long-term unemployed are searching for work again. that is pushing the unemployment rate up more. with a critical election two months away, republicans argue the president's economic plan has failed.
6:32 pm
>> we should be drawing up 5%, 6%. >> the president is expected to unveil new proposals to help spur job growth. in the far from the white house, local activist is going above the president's head praying for jobs outside an employment center. >> people are losing confidence and faith. >> it can't get worse. >> reporter: this man is looking for work and help wherever he can find it. while the economic news was mixed, the stock market finished strong with its first winning week in a month. the dow finished up more than 120 points. nasdaq gained 33. in new zealand authorities say there are people trapped in buildings which collapsed in today's powerful earthquake. the 7.0 quake was centered 20 miles offshore the city of christ church.
6:33 pm
in the older parts of the city, buildings crumbled and broken water mains caused flooding. about 400,000 people live in christ church and the predawn shaking sent many into the streets in their pajamas. >> that quake lasted probably over a minute. we've got no power, no water. >> we were so scared. it was terrible. >> surprisingly, there are reports of just a few serious injuries. the mayor of christ church declared a state of emergency will annen close off unsafe parts of the city. the mayor on the east coast
6:34 pm
with a weaker but still dangerous hurricane earl is heading to cape cod tonight. here is a look at the storm from the weather center swirling up the eastern seaboard. nbc bay area's michelle franzen is in chatham, massachusetts, tonight, with an update on earl. >> reporter: here in chatham, massachusetts and all of cape cod, earl is just starting to move in for the night. the outer bands of heavy rain and winds, effects being felt at this hour. certainly will be throughout the night. the brunt of the storm will be felt most. the island of nantucket, that storm to the east of nantucket. will have hurricane-force wind gusts all throughout the tonight. more a tropical storm effect could be a warm nor'easter many are calling it. certainly nonetheless a serious storm that could cause a lot of damage, downed trees and possible power outages. many of the people who live here
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year round, as well as vacationers leading up to this labor day weekend opted to stay on cape cod. many of them on the island of martha's vineyard and nantucket. they will be hunkering down for the night riding out this storm. there are shelters activated in place ready in case others need to take cover. back to you. and we are going to get a better look soon at the key piece of drilling equipment which caused the largest oil spill in history. bp's underwater camera today showed the wellhead after the damaged blowout preventer was removed. the device along with a latching mechanism weigh about a million pounds. that's why the process of bringing the equipment to the surface will not be finished until some time tomorrow a new blowout preventer is being moved into position and should be installed in the next few days. more help is on the way for the 33 trapped chilean miners.
6:36 pm
they hope the drill will widen the rescue shaft so rescuers can reach the men sooner. as for how the men are doing mentally, doctors say they have been receiving good treatment. >> we've been very impressed with the organization of the team and the quality of the medical care that's been provided. >> the miners have been underground almost a month now. august 59d, in fact. they are receiving hot food, plenty of water and constant messages from their families. >> in health news, people who use certain osteoporosis drugs may have a slightly increased risk for developing throat cancer. the drugs are used by many to strengthen bones. the study linked the medicine to cancer of the throat in people who took the drugs for more than five years. the research contradicts other studies which found no link at all. doctors now want more forgs to determine long term risks and benefits of the drugs.
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save a hair for your doctor could save your life a new study shows strands of hair store long-term records of stress levels. those levels are read through cortisol. doctors can predict your chances of having a heart attack later in life. the report was released by live science and online science journal. still ahead, the documentary about pat tillman debuts in his hometown here in the bay area we'll have reaction to it. have you ever been grossed out by the office refrigerator? i bet you have. we'll have the new research coming up. and the new turn in the balloon boy drama coming up. good evening. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. we are kicking off sonoma wine country weekend. we are have a grape time out
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here. we'll try this amazing cool dessert we cooked earlier. b
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the balloon boy family has traveled by traditional modes to a new home. the heene family left colorado and arrived in florida yesterday. they have family there. the parents became famous last year, as you may remember, after claiming a homemade ufo shaped
6:41 pm
balloon floated away with their 6-year-old son onboard. instead the whole thing was a hoax. the son was found safe hiding in the attic. mom and dad remain on probation for lying to authorities. maybe it's not such a good idea to store your lunch in the office refrigerator. that's the conclusion of a new study. it found that the office fridge might be dirtier than the office bathroom. that comes by a survey that says shared refrigerators may become breeding ground for germs more easily than you might think. >> the refrigerator itself is not going to disinfect the bacteria and food that get on surfaces in the fridge would need to be disinfected or they could grow over time slowly. >> the survey found 22% of office refrigerators are only cleaned once or twice a year. food safety experts recommend freezing or throwing away leftover food within three to
6:42 pm
four days or within five to six months in the case of the office refrigerator, whichever comes first. they clean the bathroom once a day. >> that is nasty. >> let's light things up, shall we? it's a battle of fog versus smog. niners roster down to 53. there were a few surprise cuts. details for you. we'll heroar.
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>>. >> have you ever had a bad time in wine country? >> i am jealous of jeff ranieri. >> he is having a good time in wine country tonight, sonoma, to be specific. >> you have good reason to be jealous. have the time i have to do a double take. am i really at work today? we are kicking off one of the best wine festivals in the country. sonoma wine country weekend here at landmark wineries.
6:46 pm
we showed you the pastry. >> it's really easy. it takes a matter of minutes to make. bake 20, 25 minutes at 350. >> this is fantastic. i want to finish this. can you do my weather map? >> sure. >> great. let's take a look at the weather map as we head throughout tonight. thank you so much. we are going in reverse here. we do have dinner coming up out here later on. all of you will have to read about it on my facebook. we'll be finishing up here shortly. let's take a look at the weather headlines. that is delicious. we are looking at temperatures slowly starting to come down by next week.
6:47 pm
by 1:00 p.m. we are talking 80 degrees. this weekend there will be demos, tours and there will be a lot of tasting. of course, make sure you have a designated driver if you are doing anything and heading on out here throughout sonoma and wine country. we'll start to see warming temperatures a little bit for the weekend. not going up much. low to mid 80s. the general trend throughout the next seven day period will be going down as we head from labor day into friday. meanwhile for tonight, temperatures in the low to mid 50s across the bay area. by noon we are expecting 77 in san jose. 78 in gilroy. 88 in livermore. conditions in the upper 70s to low to mid 80s by 4:00 p.m. comfortable day for our saturday with sonoma wine country weekend. on your seven-day forecast, you'll see slow and gradual cooling across the bay area.
6:48 pm
we have a little more insight on our seven-day forecast. we have some of the staff, some of the friends. let's show them here holding up our seven different days. let's get a little more insight on saturday. what is your name? >> stacy. in sonoma valley we have the mid 80s. >> very nice. let's come down here to monday. you said you knew about weather what do we have? >> on your labor day it's going to be 80 inland and going to be 60 on the coast. >> you're holding it upside down. >> yes. >> that's amazing. hard to believem's at work now. >> he drinks wine at 5:00, ice cream at 6:00. can't wait for 11:00. tela sr. later. >> thanks, jeff. he left behind a lucrative nfl contract to become an army
6:49 pm
ranger. after pat tillman was killed in the war in afghanistan, two very different stories emerged from his death. >> today the critically acclaimed documentary about pat tillman debuts in the bay area. vicki nguyen tells us more. >> one for tillman. judge, tillman loved the game of football. >> reporter: six years after pat tillman was killed, the story investigates what led to his death and the government flip-flop after he died. army said tillman was gunned down by taliban forces. weeks later army leaders changed the story, admitting tillman was accidentally killed by fellow troops. featuring interviews with tillman's mother and soldiers from the unit, they allege the military burned tillman's journal and uniform as part of a massive cover-up.
6:50 pm
>> it's not the fact a mistake was made. the issue is the cover-up and the litany of lies that went after the incident. >> reporter: bill north was among the first to see the film in campbell. >> served in the vietnam war. i taught in the same district pat tillman was a student in high school. like so many people, i'm disturbed by the government's cover-up of this story. >> reporter: david says tillman's story resonates with his family. >> my oldest brother was killed in the vietnam war. moo i family was lied to about how he died. it took me 38 years to find out. >> reporter: he says his brother died in an ambush. while he made the ultimate sacrifice, like pat tillman, that is not what made him a hero. >> my brother is a hero because of the person he was. same as pat. he is a hero because of the person he was and son he was to his parents, brother to his brothers. husband he was to his wife. that's what makes a hero.
6:51 pm
>> reporter: film goers say the documentary showed the tillman's family quest for truth against daunting odds. >> his mother did an amaze jock. she did as much as she could. hopefully, the film will let people know what went on. >> this is a powerful story. a very important one that people should be aware of. >> reporter: the story opens in limited release in the bay area, in san francisco at century sf and berkeley and here in campbell at camera seven. "the tillman story" director will host two question and answer sessions tomorrow at the camera seven theater in campbell. members of pat tillman's high school football team will be there at 2:00 p.m. and 4:30 p.m. the giants are playing tonight on nbc bay area. >> right here on nbc bay area. this is a big one. it's the dodgers. we love when l.a. is part of the
6:52 pm
picture. the playoff push is on for the giants. despite trailing the slumping padres, a handful of national pundits are calling san francisco the team to beat in this pennant race. beating l.a., giants open a set against the rivals in blue right here. raj mathai joins us with a preview. >> reporter: thank you. dodgers and giants friday night. any time the two teams meet it's fun. now in september every game is crucial in the playoff chase. giants right now out of the wild card lead bitwo games in terms of the national league west, they trael the padres by three games. let's be blunt here on storylines. we'll start with barry zito. it's been ugly for the highest-paid player of the giants. he hasn't won a game in a month around a half or a road game in about four months. giants need him to step up. what do we expect tonight? any time at dodger st up this season it's been painful for the giants literally. all those bean balls and ajeks.
6:53 pm
the worst came earlier this season on a friday nitrite here in los angeles when vicente padilla broke the face of aaron rowan with this pitch here. a lot to look forward to with giants and dodgers. on the dodgers side of the coin now, their dramatic storylines, no more manny ramirez. a few days ago picked off the waiver wire by the chicago white sox. the big buzz here in los angeles, not just today but the last few days, last few weeks has been the high-profile divorce case between the dodgers owner frank mccourt and his wife. one article today "the l.a. times" suggested they would spend a combined $21 million in divorce fees in terms of legal fees. what's the matter at hand? almost like a custody battle. they are fighting over this team their los angeles dodgers. a lot of drama for this franchise. it's on shaky ground. ima i sure giants fans don't mind that much.
6:54 pm
let's play baseball. a few minutes from now, giants and dodgers here on nbc bay area. >> see new a few minutes. as for a's, good news tonight, they are no longer in new york. after falling victim to a four-game sweep at the hands of the defending champs, oakland is back home. gonzalez takes the hill for the home team. if you have not heard of nyjer morgan before, last sunday likely changed all that. all the wrong reasons. nationals ought fielder suspended for his role in the bench-cle bench-clearing role against the marlins this penalty is in addition to a seven-game suspension issued last week which was under appeal when he threw a baseball at a fan. eight other suspensions stemming from that brawl. it's i not how you start the season, but how you end it. niners still won't complain about wrapping up the preseason with a perfect 4-0 record in the grand scheme of things, that
6:55 pm
means nothing. they are undefeated in 2010. here is how it went down last night. davis one of many starters sitting this out. both taking a break after their argument in practice. first quarter. running backs are off and running. 46 yards into the end zone. niners make the 7-0. in the fourth quarter they added on, nate davis. niners win 17-14. first undefeated preseason since 1992. roster cuts not due until tomorrow. today the niners did part ways with 22 players including a captain. special teams leader michael robinson was released along with receiver jason hill as well as san jose state product. the final tune-up.
6:56 pm
jason campbell watching this from the sidelines. first quarter, he saw quite a show. bradcousy buying time at the plate. raiders win 27-24. they finish the preseason -1. >> a lot of positive things. i like where we're at. we'll get a little bit healthier here as we get ready to start the regular season. we'll go for it. >> i think we are moving along the way we want to. >> college football games under way. standing in the spotlight this weekend, san jose state. spartans headed off for a date with the number one ranked team in all the land. why not start the season against the best? heisman trophy winner mark ingram is out.
6:57 pm
the rest of the team is good without him. spartans off to a tough test right away, but they are excited. >> i authentic they are going to win. >> tom sinkovits said. you heard it here. >> don't put money on it. >> thanks. tonight at 11:00, during the game or in bed you can't put them down. >> they are constantly on, a computer on their phones. >> if there is down time i pick up a a phone. >> smart phones. are they making you dumber? why digital downtime is key. the best burgers in america. two of the top contenders are here in the bay area. that's tonight at 11:00. >> taking me to dinner? >> sure. we'll go to the best burgers in town. >> see you at 11:00. [ man ] i was deciding what to do
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